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Welcome to Linda King and Associates.

We offer tailored insurance claim solutions to our clients in the car rental, delivery service companies and any other fleet industries.

Liability Claims Experts

Over 20 years experience handling difficult liability files. We have seasoned bodily injury examiners who are trained with mechanism of injury.  We have a team who focuses solely on reviewing medical demands to confirm there are no duplicate or over treated demands.  Excellent mitigaters and negotiators.

Accident Claims Management

Our team of claim management experts manage your claims to your maximum advantage


Collections on Secured Judgments

We utilize all available legal means to collect on your judgments while treating debtors with the utmost professionalism

Insurance Claim Arbitration

Arbitration may be used to settle an insurance dispute between an insurance provider who has denied liability unfairly or unjustified. Instead of filing a lawsuit we file an arbitration case against the policyholders insurance company. We present our case by 
re creating the facts of the accident in a summary with the supporting documents to support our case.  The insurer gets notified by arbitration forums and will need to respond within 10 days. If they fail to respond we automatically win and they are mandated to issue payment for the previously denied claim. If the insurance company does submit their answer then the arbitrators review the facts and come to a decision about how to resolve the dispute.  Here at LKA Claims we have a 98% winning rate.
This is another chance to get your previously denied claims paid faster and avoid high court costs.