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What You Should Know About Arbitration of a Car Accident Claim

Below, you can learn more about how arbitration works and the pros of this option for resolving a case.  

In order to be Arbitration certified an individual must have worked over 10 plus years in a major insurance company and have lengthy claims experience with collision reconstruction background. We at LKA Claims are certified to file an arbitration case on your behalf.

Arbitration may be used to settle an insurance dispute between an insurance provider who has denied liability unfairly or unjustified. Instead of filing a lawsuit we file an arbitration case against the policyholders insurance company. We present our case by re creating the facts of the accident in a summary with the supporting documents to support our case.  The insurer gets notified by arbitration forums and will need to respond within 10 days. If they fail to respond we automatically win and they are mandated to issue payment for the previously denied claim. If the insurance company does submit their response then the panel of arbitrators review the facts and come to a decision about how to resolve the dispute.  Here at LKA Claims we have a 98% winning rate.

At no cost to you we will review your denied claim in detail and based on our years of experience, we will give you our honest opinion if we feel you have a good chance to come out victorious.

This is great opportunity to get your previously denied claims finally paid!

Most importantly it is faster and you avoid high court costs.


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