Our Services

Our Competitive Advantage

Claims Management

All aspects of the claims procedure are addressed – both liability and subrogation/collection.


Increase collections recovery – subrogation and accounts receivable.


  • Minimize liability
  • Limit exposure
  • Shift responsibility away from vehicle owner whenever possible

3rd Party Services Closely Monitored

  • Defense Attorneys
  • Plaintiff Attorneys
  • Judgment Recovery Specialist
  • Who We Service

    Our client base includes large and small corporate-owned entities, franchisors, franchisees and independent operations. Our experience includes fleets operating in six western states ranging in size from 25 to 10,000 rental units. Our experience has proven we can best serve the rental industry by risk management of self insured, risk retention and permissively uninsured operations, making certain that these operation are state specific and in full compliance.

    How We Add Value

    Minimize Your Liability
    Limit Your Exposure
    Increase Your Collections Recovery
    Provide Comprehensive Reporting

    Linda King & Associates will handle your claims administration so you focus on your customers.

    Our services include:

        • All vehicle claims arising from your rental vehicle operation
        • Damage to vehicles in your fleet
        • Unpaid rental charges
        • Potential liability
        • Chargebacks

    When you submit claims to us our support staff will:

        • Create and maintain paper and digital case files
        • Assign claims representatives to pursue collection and/or handle liability issues
        • Review the facts pertaining to the claim
        • Establish liability and/or subrogation
        • Submit collection demands
        • Submit claims to insurance carriers when applicable
        • Evaluate your liability and establish liability reserves
        • Complete settlement of liability claims and prepare appropriate documentation
        • Recommend and administer defense counsel for lawsuits that are filed against you
        • Provide comprehensive reporting totals and reserves on open claims
        • Recommend appraisers
        • Recommend and administer judgement recovery specialists